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Exlusive interview with Luiz Razia

In Hungary nobody knows anything about Formula-1 test drivers - it's a very big mistake, because in 90% they represent the next generation of Formula-1. Luiz Razia already enjoys popularity in his homeland , not accidentally. Walked through all of the stairs what lead to Formula- 1.Already he was champion of South-American Forma-3 , now he's racing in GP2 and beside all these he tests for Virgin Racing. He gave me an exclusive interview now.

-First of all I would like to wish you a happy birthday, because 04. April you were 21 years old. How did you celebrate?
I dind't celebrate much because i was having in the same week a GP2 test.

- Stay at the birthdays. What do you think, what is the best and the worst birthday's gift?
Birthday is an special date that is nice to realise what you have been doing in your life and look back and try to make better in the future!

- Let us continue with the Formula-1: what's your plan, shall we say, for the next three years?
In 2011 I'd like to race, it would be really great!

- Which team would you like to race?
Ferrari, cause they are Italian, and since I arrived in europe i raced for Italian Teams.

- If you can choose from the present drivers who would you elect as your teammate?
Alonso- it'd be great because I could learn from such a big talent and good driver!

- If you can race with a same heavy-duty car with somebody who with you would do it and why?
My father, he deserve, for all he did for my carrear.

- I must ask it because I'm a women and a sport journalsit: what do you think about women racers?
Would be a SHOW racing event!!! (laugh)

- Many people things that nobody can made true friendships in Formula-1. Do you have?
I think Di Grassi is very nice guy, we are from the same country so we understand each order.

- Who helped for you the most in your life?
My father for sure, he put his saw for now 8 years.

- What's your plan after the Formula-1?
Let's get there first.

- Now imagine: you are a colour. Which colour are you and why?
Blue, sky, God. I loved.

Thanks for Simon Zsófia Viktória.

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